Broadleaf Education Team's June Visit

Prior to the unrest in Darjeeling, Denna (co-founder), Aileen, and Ashley (Board Members) visited several of our community schools.

June was an exciting month for the education team! Denna, Aileen, and Ashley traveled to Darjeeling and had exceptional field visit experiences collaborating with project officers Sanjeeta and Priscilla and observing School Health Activists (SHAs) as they engaged adorable students in health education lessons! 

The team worked together to identify SHA strengths, including strong implementation of practices learned in the SHA teacher training, a high level of joyful teaching and incredibly positive learning environments. They also established areas for growth which were initiated by the SHAs and project officers. The US education team therefore is excited to begin writing a second round of training that would allow the SHAs to go deeper with their practice. The time spent in Darjeeling was inspiring and served as a reminder of how talented and motivated the education team in India truly is! 

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