We're improving communities.

One child at a time.

Quality education and access to healthcare are fundamental human rights.

Everyone deserves access to healthcare and education.

Broadleaf unlocks human potential through community-led innovations in health and education.

We partner with children, families, and schools in the Eastern Himalayas to develop innovative, data-driven programs that improve educational outcomes and maximize well-being. We believe access to health knowledge and educational opportunity empowers communities to break down barriers to growth and development so every individual can thrive.

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Community Based

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Education changes everything...

Students in the rural Himalayas come from families making about $2/day. Typical schools lack basic infrastructure such as running water, electricity, and toilets.

1 out of every 2 of students in control schools are infected with intestinal parasites, 40% suffer from iron deficiency anemia, and many are undiagnosed with mental illness, chronic illness and development delay– all of these issues result in massive absenteeism in school.

Broadleaf is a demonstrator of what is possible....

Our organization exists to challenge the status quo that exists in global development. While there is no lack of good intentions, we reject the notion that good intentions are good enough. Broadleaf's keystone program is called the Community Health and Hygiene Improvement Program or as we call it, CHHIP. 

Delivered by school health activists working within primary schools, CHHIP breaks down the barriers that exist between our communities and the healthcare system. 

Our goal is to create programs that leverage the tremendous human talent that exists in our partner communities, that use solutions and methods that yield data driven results, and that can be easily replicated.

Comprehensive Community Based Health 

Improvements to School Health Environments

The first step is to ensure the schools that we work in our structurally sound and have basic infrastructure such as running water and working toilets. 

We work with our communities to complete the necessary construction projects at the schools before implementing the rest of our initiatives.

Health and Hygiene Education

We've created a teacher training program to improve in school learning and a health and hygiene education curriculum. 

Our curriculum and supporting materials and activities are delivered by our SHAs who teach their students about water, sanitation, hygiene, germs, and nutrition so they can stay healthy and in school.

Primary and Mental Health Services Intervention

We've developed a training, screening, and decision making program to empower our SHAs to not only provide primary health care services but also know when to escalate and refer issues and how to help families navigate and access the healthcare system.

SHAs are a local resource for our communities and provide health services such as:

  • Vision screening
  • Distribution of iron supplements and deworming tablets
  • Mental health and behavioral screening
  • Growth monitoring 
Health monitoring in India

Why We Exist

Quality healthcare should have no geographic boundaries.

Broadleaf was founded to improve communities from the ground up. In order to remove the tremendous barriers to a better life faced by the poor and marginalized, Broadleaf must be audacious, take risks, and challenge the status quo.

Where We Work

The Eastern Himalayas are a beautiful region.  

We work primarily in the tea and farming communities surrounding Darjeeling. While the region is well known for their tea and picturesque mountain landscapes, much of the population is marginalized and lacks access to basic healthcare.

What We Do

A model for school based healthcare and community education.

Part education curriculum, part health intervention program, and part infrastructure program, CHIIP is Broadleaf's keystone initiative. The CHHIP program has grown to 14 schools in 5 communities effecting over 850 kids.

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