American Psychiatric Association Recognizes Broadleaf Mental Health Program

Broadleaf was recently recognized as a finalist at the prestigious APA Psychiatry Innovation Lab for implementing an innovative school based mental health program in rural India.

For the past year, Broadleaf has been field testing a novel way of supporting children with mental and behavioral health challenges. This program leverages our network of School health Activists to provide first line intervention in the school and community setting. 

Our initials results have far surpassed our expectations with children demonstrating improved school participation, reduced disruptive behaviors, and increased social engagement. (More about this program and how it is changing the life of Nitesh).

In recognition of the potential power of this approach, Broadleaf was recently recognized America Psychiatric Association as a finalist at the prestigious APA Psychiatry Innovation Lab.

Based on their presentation, Dr. Christina Cruz (Broadleaf Advisor) and Dr. Michael Matergia (Broadleaf Co-founder) have been invited to join the advisory committee for the APA’s Typical or Troubled school mental health education program. Using the insight and experience gained in India, they will help enhance and develop the curriculum for one of the premier school-based programs in the United States.

“Recognizing and supporting students early and in the school setting can have life changing benefits. We look forward to connecting our work to reach students both in Darjeeling and here at home,” reports Dr. Cruz 


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