This year, give a gift that makes a difference.

The 2020 Broadleaf Holiday Gift Guide

Give a gift that makes a lasting impact on those who need it the most and help us provide education, healthcare, and sanitation to youth in the communities where we work. 

Gifts that change communities and feel as good to give as they do to get...

Join Broadleaf this holiday season as we partner with communities in the foothills of the Himalaya to bring our specially designed health education curriculum to primary school children in the region. Your donation enables our community-selected and Broadleaf-trained School Health Activists to provide health screenings and health care services, teach much-needed sanitation and health basics, and maintain a healthy school environment with toilets and running water.

Your money can have a tremendous impact in an area where typical incomes are far below the three-dollar-a-day statewide average.

You may make a direct donation or choose from the designated gifts below that suit your budget.  All of these are high-impact gifts that will greatly improve the health, learning, and development of children in rural primary schools within the Darjeeling Hills. 

The loved ones on your list will get to open a beautiful card with your message (email delivery is also available) and will love how their gift empowers families living in rural Darjeeling village communities.

Shera Nazi Classroom in Darjeeling

Construct 3 new classrooms for Shera Nazi School for $2000

Typical of many low-cost community schools, student’s at Shera Nazi attend schools in a (dilapidated) structure  The structure is very weak and in a region beset by monsoons and earthquakes presents a safety risk for the students. Your gift will support reconstruction of a safe and health school environment. The new classrooms will support the quality education that students receive at Shera Nazi.

Deworm all CHHIP students (500) for 1 year for $125

Nearly half of all students in Darjeeling are infected with intestinal parasites. This greatly hinders their learning and development. Studies show that children receiving a simple
and safe deworming tablet attend school up to 20% more often!

Build a Toilet at a Rural Primary School for $180

In India 40% of primary schools lack a functional common toilet of while another 40% lack a separate toilet for female students.  Your gift will ensure that students in one rural primary school in the Darjeeling Hills are provided with the dignity of a toilet.

In order to promote community ownership and ensure accountability, 30% of construction costs are provided by our partner communities (in the form of labor and locally available materials).

Sponsor a student’s participation in CHHIP for one year for $40

CHHIP provides students with a comprehensive school health program. Students receive health education and basic primary health services. Health services include growth monitoring, iron supplementation, deworming, vision screening, preventative health maintenance exams. 

Children with more serious health concern are provided with support and referral to further professional services.

Provide CHHIP Workbooks to 20 students for $50

Each year our student’s receive 40 health education lessons. 

These lessons are designed to be student-centered, active, and fun.  To support their learning, each child receives a workbook includes materials to accompany the lessons.

Soap and Sanitation Products for a CHHIP School for $20

Your gift will provide one of our schools with enough soap and sanitary supplies for one year.In our program, we teach our students about germ theory, and best practices for washing their hands before meals and after using the bathroom. Simple changes can vastly impact the overall sanitation of the school and improve school attendance by ensuring our students are healthy and happy. Your gift will provide one of our schools with enough soap and sanitary supplies for one year.

Provide toothbrushes for students in a CHHIP School for $30

Your gift will provide all students within one of our CHIP schools with toothbrushes and toothpaste for the year. We teach our students the importance of oral hygiene as it relates to their overall health but many do not own a toothbrush at home. This gift ensures that every student will have a toothbrush to call their own.