Education changes everything...

Students in our communities miss an average of over 20 days of school per year for completely preventable reasons.

Quality health and education are fundamental human rights.

Broadleaf is a non-profit dedicated to providing innovative, community based, and data driven health and education programs in the rural Eastern Himalayas.

Health monitoring in India

Why We Exist

Quality healthcare should have no geographic boundaries.

Broadleaf was founded to improve communities from the ground up. In order to remove the tremendous barriers to a better life faced by the poor and marginalized, Broadleaf must be audacious, take risks, and challenge the status quo.

Where We Work

The Eastern Himalayas are a beautiful region.  

We work primarily in the tea and farming communities surrounding Darjeeling. While the region is well known for their tea and picturesque mountain landscapes, much of the population is marginalized and lacks access to basic healthcare. 


Comprehensive Health and Hygiene Improvement Program.

Part education curriculum, part health intervention program, and part infrastructure program, CHIIP is Broadleaf's keystone initiative. The CHHIP program has grown to 11 schools in 5 communities effecting over 500 kids.

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